Current Writing Projects



Ben Edwards, CEO of Spyglass Books LLC, hires Diana to write an original screenplay that tells the story of a high school girl in Naugatuck,  Connecticut who, with the help of a magical spyglass, combats bullies at her school and saves the life of a boy at risk.

Michele Wilson Jones

Screenplay plus TV Pilot

“I’m blown away!” Michele Wilson-Jones, retired Kentucky prosecutor, is all fired up over the screenplay “Three-Minute Man” that Diana has just finished.  Next: Pilot for a new TV sitcom that Diana is writing with writing partner Ben Phillipe.


Screenplay Rewrite +
Memoir Coaching

Katherine Lurie, CEO of Bottom Line Entertainment LLC, hires Diana to overhaul existing script; and to coach former porn star Alec Metro through the writing of his full-length memoir telling the true story of his incredible journey.

Career News and Press

Emma Hunton as Jane - Copy

“The Dodgers” LA 5/6 cast and 100% financed!

  Left-right these Emmy and Olivier winners include Emma Hunton (“Next to Normal”); Eric Nelsen (“A Walk Among the Tombstones”); Jared Gertner (“Book of Mormon”); Asher Grodman (“The Train”); and Corbin Bleu (“High School Musical,” “Godspell,” “In the Heights”).  Just one role still to cast! Financing for six-week run at The Hudson Theater in North […]


Diana becomes a producer!

Diana and partner Michele Wilson Jones form a new movie production company.  Mission: to create and produce character-driven stories that explore how we fight to keep our humanity even in the face of danger, corruption or adversity.

Finn two

TV/Film/Theater Stars in Industry Reading of Diana’s New Play: The Dodgers

Make love not war.  At any cost… Diana’s new play, directed by Dave Solomon, will be presented to the industry on Monday February 9 at 5 p.m.    The reading is not open to the public but is presented to a select group of producers, investors, and industry professionals, and produced by AKA Studio Productions.   […]

Writing Tips and Teachings

Guy listening

How much do you listen?

Smart Writer’s Guide to Notes! Writers get notes: suggestions about how to rewrite a particular piece of work. Notes may be as informal as your boyfriend’s comments on that last chapter or as rigorous as a sit-down with an influential producer. When do you listen? When do you not? Choose just a few people you […]


15 Resolutions that Writers Need 2015

Whether you’re a newcomer to writing or an established pro, I know you’ll find value in my list of crucial do’s. 1. Do the prep work.  Writing is a series of decisions; some are made prior to the actual composition.  These include calculating the time-frame of your story (chronology), deciding on cast of characters, establishing […]

Write outline image

How to Write an Outline

Do write an outline, first.  It isn’t as much fun as free-flow writing, but it saves you a lot of time. Whether you’re writing a screenplay, play, TV pilot or fiction, the same principles apply. To begin, understand this.  Something has to happen in your story.  Something has to happen. I call things-that-happen events.  However, […]

Person looking at horizon

What is a Story?

Story=Change!   In the course of a story, someone changes.  She goes from one place to another or as Mark Twain put it, “…a tale shall arrive somewhere.” Dorothy changes.  She learns to accept her home. Michael Corleone changes.  He commits to a life of violence. Katniss Everdeen changes.  She becomes a warrior. Look at any well-told story and […]

Writing Tips

How to Get an Agent

I’m not going to lie to you: It is very difficult to get an agent.  The Dramatists Guild Directory, an invaluable resource, includes contact info for 20 agents.   And there are 6000 members of the Dramatists Guild. Then, there are all the playwrights who are not members of the union: around 29,000 writing in English […]