Current Writing Projects

Biana Jamotte

Coaching 2 short scripts for director/writer

Bianca Jamotte hires Diana to shape and structure short screenplay and short play.   “I knew the story needed to be taken to that next level, I just wasn’t sure how to get there… I am confident I will be able to apply your notes and make it a better script.”

Marilynn Anselmi

Read & Notes for aspiring playwright

Southern playwright Marilynn Anselmi hires Diana to read her new play and provide notes plus a teaching phone call.  This writer is talented!  Read what Marilynn says about Diana’s coaching.

Oded Binnun

Screenplay synopsis for German production co.

    Israeli director and cinematographer Oded Binnun hires Diana to write one-page professional synopsis of complicated screenplay.

Sitcom treatment for Too Many Joes Productions. “Now we break open the bubbly!”

Sitcom Pilot for TV

Treatment and pilot script for Too Many Joes Productions LLC.   As writer-for-hire, Diana writes treatment and pilot episode for a new TV sitcom to be shot multicam before a live audience.  “Now we break open the bubbly!”  

Writing Tips, Career News and Press

Write outline image

How to Write an Outline

Do write an outline, first.  It isn’t as much fun as free-flow writing, but it saves you a lot of time. Whether you’re writing a screenplay, play, TV pilot or fiction, the same principles apply. To begin, understand this.  Something has to happen in your story.  Something has to happen. I call things-that-happen events.  However, […]

Person looking at horizon

What is a Story?

Story=Change!   In the course of a story, someone changes.  She goes from one place to another or as Mark Twain put it, “…a tale shall arrive somewhere.” Dorothy changes.  She learns to accept her home. Michael Corleone changes.  He commits to a life of violence. Katniss Everdeen changes.  She becomes a warrior. Look at any well-told story and […]

Molly Ranson

Broadway Stars Do Reading of Diana’s New Play: The Dodgers

Make love not war.  At any cost… Diana’s new play, directed by Dave Solomon, will be presented in its first New York reading on Monday March 24th 2014.   The reading is not open to the public but is presented to a select group of commercial and nonprofit producers after the infusion of considerable backing by […]

Writer's Life

Brooklyn Girl Film Festival Invites Diana to Lecture/Lead Workshop

Filmmakers, directors and screenwriters from around the world gather for the third annual film fest dedicated to supporting and enhancing the careers of women in film. Diana will lecture and lead a workshop for this esteemed audience on Saturday March 29th in a 2-hour intensive called, “Screenwriting: Support Passion with Structure.” For more info, email Diana […]

Writing Tips

How to Get an Agent

First, be a guy.  If being a successful playwright is important to you, and you are not currently male, consider a sex-change. Agents run about 4 male clients to 1 female.   And these are the few female agents (Susan Gurman for example) who run a one-woman shop.  It’s not unusual for the ratio to be […]

Diana’s Guest Blogs


Correct English for Call Girls

Everyone needs a great website. Ladies-of-the-night in the Midwood section of Brooklyn are proud of their pages, thanks to an English professor. I shall call him Spencer. He is sixty-something with distinguished brow and short-cropped gray hair. Tenured at a city university, he comes to Brooklyn to teach the classics. One day, a student approached. […]

Manic Shopping in the Land of Dead Mannequins

Children’s clothing is gone. There are plenty of bathing suits. Shoes are scarce. Women’s plus-size dresses are in big supply. Men’s socks can still be had but tights and pantyhose: zilch. Rows and rows of jeans and sweaters but need a coat? 50% off but only eleven left. Versace is discounted 40% and still pricey. […]

Finding a Dive Bar
in a City that Never Weeps

Manhattan is the richest of the boroughs but is no longer the most interesting. You can walk Manhattan a whole day and see only people who have everything—not the stuff of story. This isn’t an insult. I’m pretty sure that successful, beautiful, affluent people revel in their status and want the world to reflect their […]

writer for hire nyc

Notes from The Structuralist: How Structure Helps Your Work

If you were building a house, would you put up the brilliant blue shutters before you laid the foundation?  Such a house would not stand.  Similarly, when you pour your voice – however brilliant – upon the page unframed, you create something that cannot hold together. When playwrights first work with me, they are often opposed to […]