JIM KIERSTEAD, Broadway Producer

As of September 2017, Diana’s play “The Dodger,” produced in LA February 2016, has been optioned by Jim Kierstead, noted Broadway producer (Kinky Boots, Waitress, Dream Girls London, Indecent).

“The Dodgers” hailed by critics in LA

“Richly evocative” — LA Times “Full of twists and turns so engrossing it’s a bit difficult to let go of the world once you’ve been in it.”  Young Hollywood Issue, Bello Magazine “Don’t miss this small wonder!” — LA Splash Online “Sure to be one of 2016’s hottest tickets!” — Stage Scene LA “Exquisitely captured.” […]


It’s official! Diana is commissioned by Jennifer Decker, Artistic Director of Mildred’s Umbrella Theater Company in Houston, TX, to write a new play based on the true life story of Aspasia, a powerful Athenian courtesan of the 4th century B.C. Deadline for delivery of The Brazen Harlot is March, 2015.             […]

Brooklyn Girl Film Festival Invites Diana to Lecture/Lead Workshop

Filmmakers, directors and screenwriters from around the world gather for the third annual film fest dedicated to supporting and enhancing the careers of women in film. Diana will lecture and lead a workshop for this esteemed audience on Saturday March 29th in a 2-hour intensive called, “Screenwriting: Support Passion with Structure.” For more info, email Diana […]

Men I Have Loved and Other Fiction

Men become mythology in the mind of a single writer and that mythology turns into stories. And so I was reminded a few days ago when I had an 8 a.m. meeting in Manhattan and, rather than struggling with slush and erratic Q train service, decided to stay overnight at the Edison Hotel on 47th […]

Kill Your Darlings

I’m in love with a scene I wrote in my new screenplay.   Picture this.   A short shipwreck of an old bridge, in the middle of nowhere or actually, Queens.  It’s the Francis Buono Bridge and on the other side is Attica.    On the bridge, there’s a Jag hybrid in which sit four gorgeous girls.  The driver is […]

“Carnival Round the Central Figure” published by Broadway Play Publishing

“Carnival Round the Central Figure” published by Broadway Play Publishing

Featured client and tagline: Snugli — “The hug you wear”

Diana positioned Snugli for brand evolution through a new tagline and website that features comfort as a unique sell-point, reclaiming Snugli’s position as the original baby carrier.

Welcome to My Blog

First there were the yellow pads.  Then the marble notebooks.  Then the typewriter. Then the computer.  Yeah, that’s how long I’ve been at this business  of writing.   And if you check out–let me rephrase–if you read my blog on a regular basis, you will pick up valuable tips, pointers, lessons, and the benefit of my experience, in genre […]