Featured client and tagline: Snugli — “The hug you wear”

website branding and tagline creation — Snugli

Diana positioned Snugli for brand evolution through a new tagline and website that features comfort as a unique sell-point, reclaiming Snugli’s position as the original baby carrier.

Carpentry of Writing Class of 2010

Carnival 'Round the Central Figure – A Play by Diana Amsterdam

Richard MacDonald, Trishki Dougherty, Karen Balliet, Sandra Struthers, Diana, Kathy Crisci, Linda Collins, Mark Butler (standing) and Jerry Nwosuocha, Lacey Schwartz (seated)

“Your class has been a good smack over the head”

Your class has been a good smack over the head and provided wonderful, direct instruction. Thanks. — Greg Truman


“This was an awesome endeavor. You’re PRICELESS.” — Marishka Phillips

“Got SO MUCH out of class”

Got SO MUCH out of class….it has not only improved my writing but my acting as well. — Paul Krasner