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The beautiful closing moment of Carnival Round the Central Figure with Ted Caine as The Central Figure and Danni Simon as Kate. The incredible dramatic vision of director Karen Kohlhaas transformed Kori Rushton’s haven called IRT Theater at 154 Christopher Street into a place where people entered and were transformed by a profoundly theatrical experience.

I am a small, quiet, middle-aged white woman who can write the street hipster and crack addict, born-again and con artist, Texas cowboy and British Earle as well as the Carries and Juliets. My first play was Fast Girls.  It was immediately produced and went on to be published, broadcast in Europe as a BBC Radio Play, and produced all over the world. I wrote Fast Girls to be commercial–-and it has been. Other plays, I wrote by opening a vein.  Iken’s Perversion would be in this category.   So with Carnival Round the Central Figure. My recent play, The Dodgers, premiered in Los Angeles at the Hudson Theater in January 2016 for a six-week run.  Hailed by critics and a magnet for industry and audience, The Dodgers will soon be making a  commercial transfer to New York City. My plays are about people under pressure, and what they do to stay sane and compassionate.  Pressure forces change. And that’s what stories are about: someone who changes.

I would like to thank:

  • Gene Frankel for telling me I should be writing plays.
  • Larry Harbison for going to bat for me on many occasions.
  • Stephen Rosenfield for teaching me how to write a “house laugh.”
  • John Gould Rubin for being a straight-up human being.
  • Ted Rawlins for producing the first play I wrote.
  • Evan Bernardin for being the force behind The Dodgers.
  • Dave Solomon for being the best director I’ve had the pleasure to work with.


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