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  • Writing coach

    Writing Coach

    Price depends on scope of work, to be agreed upon by Diana and client.

    Whether you have a script or manuscript today, or are looking at that blank page, I can coach you through the writing of your play, screenplay, novel or memoir.   Do it!  Please know that I am a tough, honest coach; I’m not interested in working with people who have no discipline or do not want to learn.  I demand five good pages a week, and that means, for a full-length screenplay, we will be working together for at least five months.  My fee is often paid as a retainer but this is negotiable.  At the end of the process, when you have that beautiful script or manuscript in hand, I can and will guide you in shopping it.

  • Diana by the Hour

    Diana by the Hour


    Get that quick advice you need.  Is your concept powerful and well-phrased?  How do you deal with an unresponsive agent? What is the best way to format a particular scene in your screenplay?  Is the title of your script or manuscript good?  How do songs contribute to the storyline in a musical?  Bring me your questions.  I’ve got the answers.  For everything from writing the great opening scene to compiling a send list for your query letter–to writing that query letter–hire me by the hour and you do get big-bang for your buck.