Script Consultant

My career has led to collaborations and rewrites with titans of the industry including Art Linson, Marty Bregman, Susan Seidelman and producers Jodie Burke, Dan Lupovitz, Jon Finn, and John E. Ferraro.

Quality matters.  Because you only get the right people to read your script once, you need to ensure it’s the absolute best before sending it out.  I can help.  Hire me to advise you, give you workable notes, or take pen to paper.

I’m out there in the industry every day, and I know what the industry is looking for, buying, and buzzing about.  Employ me to bring you tips, direction, structure, and great pages.

“Diana is my structure guru and rewrite champ.”
-Steve Harris, Director Development Wayans Bros Entertainment, LA

You can hire me to:


  • Read and give notes on your script or manuscript
  • Rewrite script or manuscript on your behalf
  • Coach you through successive drafts
  • Organize and rewrite all support materials


  • Write your treatment, synopsis, script for your pitch, customized query letter
  • Write your book proposal
  • Guide you to the best ways to build your writing career
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