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Death Be Not Predictable – New York Times Review

“How do you think he looks? Better?” the dying man’s wife asks a visitor to his hospital room. The hopefulness in her voice is unmistakable. But the gaunt 38-year-old patient is clearly not long for this world. Still, his wife babbles on about his future, using words as a wall to hold back her despair […]

Carpentry of Writing Class of 2010

Richard MacDonald, Trishki Dougherty, Karen Balliet, Sandra Struthers, Diana, Kathy Crisci, Linda Collins, Mark Butler (standing) and Jerry Nwosuocha, Lacey Schwartz (seated)

“Your class has been a good smack over the head”

Your class has been a good smack over the head and provided wonderful, direct instruction. Thanks. — Greg Truman


“This was an awesome endeavor. You’re PRICELESS.” — Marishka Phillips

“Got SO MUCH out of class”

Got SO MUCH out of class….it has not only improved my writing but my acting as well. — Paul Krasner

Welcome to My Blog

First there were the yellow pads.  Then the marble notebooks.  Then the typewriter. Then the computer.  Yeah, that’s how long I’ve been at this business  of writing.   And if you check out–let me rephrase–if you read my blog on a regular basis, you will pick up valuable tips, pointers, lessons, and the benefit of my experience, in genre […]