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Featured client & tagline: American Girl — “Follow Your Inner Star”

I wrote this tagline for American Girl. Tell me your thoughts in the comments.

“Diana is my writing fairy godmother.”

First time novelist Allison Leotta, Diana’s student. Law of Attraction (Simon & Schuster) pub. 2010 Ali is living the dream.  Because she worked at it. She got a five-figure advance for her first novel and now has a future 2-book deal with the publisher. Go to the Carpentry of Writing School for more Student Success […]

A little wonder goes a long way.

I wrote this tagline for PBS KIDS.

Name in the Spotlight: GRACO SafeSeat ™

Write By This!
Desire Makes the Story

Every single person you meet today wants something. This may seem like an obvious truth, a statement that barely needs to be said.  But this statement is the absolute and essential basis of every great story that has ever been told. Desire can be trivial.  The guy across from you on the subway wants to […]