Finding a Dive Bar
in a City that Never Weeps

Manhattan is the richest of the boroughs but is no longer the most interesting. You can walk Manhattan a whole day and see only people who have everything—not the stuff of story. This isn’t an insult. I’m pretty sure that successful, beautiful, affluent people revel in their status and want the world to reflect their seamless luxury.

But to write a good story, or be one, something is needed that you can’t find in Manhattan any more: raw need. Writers require need. In lower Manhattan today, the average household income of a couple is $228,000, which probably means that need has been reduced to want. Where is the story when nobody’s craving?

This is why I treasure that disappearing breed of watering hole: the dive bar.

via Finding a Dive Bar in a City that Never Weeps Ask a New Yorker | Ask a New Yorker – A Cultural Influence.

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