Archives for February 2014

Sitcom Pilot for TV

Treatment and pilot script for Too Many Joes Productions LLC.   As writer-for-hire, Diana writes treatment and pilot episode for a new TV sitcom to be shot multicam before a live audience.  “Now we break open the bubbly!”  

Screenplay Rewrite

Screenplay rewrite for Stephen Harris, Director Development Wayans Bros. Entertainment “Nobody can structure a story like Diana.”

Branding and website writing for Vegan food truck

Professional copywriting for Allison Catalani, owner of new food truck business. “OH MY! Everything reads so well!”  

How to Get an Agent

I’m not going to lie to you: It is very difficult to get an agent.  The Dramatists Guild Directory, an invaluable resource, includes contact info for 20 agents.   And there are 6000 members of the Dramatists Guild. Then, there are all the playwrights who are not members of the union: around 29,000 writing in English […]

How to Build a Protagonist

The main character in your story What do you need? This, my friends, is the basis of every protagonist: need. Need or what I call Deep Driving Desire is the first thing you must know when you’re writing a story be it play, screenplay, fiction or memoir.  What is your protagonist’s DDD?  Think of the story […]

Men I Have Loved and Other Fiction

Men become mythology in the mind of a single writer and that mythology turns into stories. And so I was reminded a few days ago when I had an 8 a.m. meeting in Manhattan and, rather than struggling with slush and erratic Q train service, decided to stay overnight at the Edison Hotel on 47th […]