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E376-200x300Screenplay rewrite for Stephen Harris, Director Development Wayans Bros. Entertainment “Nobody can structure a story like Diana.”

The original screenplay written by Diana won first prize in New York Women in Film and TV’s 25th Anniversary Screenplay Contest.  That story took place in the white-bread world of country clubs and genteel pale people.   Steve Harris optioned the script for a page-one rewrite that is faster-paced, sexier, and written in dialogue that is cutting edge (i.e.: urban and fresh).  He also gave Diana valuable notes on the male lead; as a result, this character became less of a push-around, and more of a story-maker.  Good notes from a cherished resource.  Thanks, Steve!


  1. Andy Williams says

    Hello Diana, I am seeking a screenwriter to write my film. I have a treatment. Let me know when we can communicate.

    United State

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