Sitcom Pilot for TV

Treatment and pilot script for Too Many Joes Productions LLC.   As writer-for-hire, Diana writes treatment and pilot episode for a new TV sitcom to be shot multicam before a live audience.  “Now we break open the bubbly!”  

Joe A. Cascio

Joe A. Cascio

To write treatment, Diana polishes concept and cast of characters and writes core story plus three sample episodes.  To write pilot, Diana installs structure, storyline and beats, collaborating with Joe A. Cascio for a finished pilot titled “Lemonade from Lemons.”

Series Logline: Joe is the world’s most ardent cleaning nut.  When he loses his Wall Street job, he moves in with his grandmother in Brooklyn, hires maids,  and starts up a cleaning service.

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Too Many Joe's Productions


Too Many Joes Productions LLC


  1. Brenda Squires says

    I have many ideas for screenplays, television series, and documentaries. But I am not a good writer. I can write some, but I need a professional to do it. Please contact me.

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