Applause Books Submission Criteria

Attention writers and actors!

Applause Books, one of America’s biggest play publishers, wants to publish a volume of scenes and monologues for the older actor.  I’ve been hired to find and compile a collections of monologues and scenes for “Later Chapters: The Best Scenes and Monologues for Actors over  50.”

Have you written a monologue or scene that meets the criteria below? Send it on! Do you know of and love such a monologue or scene in a published work? Alert me!

  • Must feature at least one character over 50.
  • Scenes 650-700 words excerpted from a longer play.
  • Monologues 150-300 words. (There may be a few longer monologues accepted.)
  • Must be previously published (and this doesn’t include self-publication, sorry!)

I will be compiling a book that features diverse choices for the actor in terms of gender, race and relative age over 50. I am interested in emerging rather than established and oft-chosen voices.  I favor pieces that present the exciting, dynamic, romantic, entrepreneurial and sexual lives of middle-aged and older folks rather than eccentric, cute, dying, or quaint, dottering old characters.  I like pieces that are happening now, not in past centuries.

Accepting submissions now through June 1, 2017. Submit as Word doc if possible.  Please follow guidelines. Do not submit unpublished works, one-person shows, whole plays or long scenes.  Thank you.

Submit or send suggestion to:






  1. I had three over-50 actors in a table reading for my play EMBERS OF TENT CITY – Arthur French, Connie Winston and Hamilton Meadows. Their well-honed skills made the play sound so good that I had to listen carefully so spot where my writing needed strengthening!

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