10 Most Common Query-Letter Mistakes

I get a lot of query letters. Hopeful writers contact me  for advice. Folks with an idea want me to write their story. When I edit an anthology, writers make submissions. While I always read the query, I often dismiss it outright. Why? Query senders make one of these unacceptable mistakes. 1. Omit a salutation. 2. Spell incorrectly. 3. Use faulty punctuation or no punctuation. 4. Write all lower case or all upper case 5. Make egregious grammar mistakes. 6. Fail to pay attention to the guidelines I’ve published for a particular job or submission  7. Send from an email that bears no resemblance to their name 8. Fail to say thanks when I send free advice 9. Have no idea of the realities of the business. 10. Send query from iPhone. Writers and wannabes! For goodness sake, if you say you’re a writer, write like a writer. If you want advice from a writer, pen a query that is carefully written. If you make a submission, refer to the published guidelines.

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