Screenplay-for-hire for Wyoming criminal defense lawyer

Nick Carter hires Diana to write a new screenplay based on an unsung hero of the American Revolution: Henry Knox who trekked across the Berkshires with a ragtag band of soldiers in search of the mythic cannons at Fort Ticonderoga.

Script coaching + producing NYC reading

Through successive drafts of Tony Canino’s outstanding new play, “The Dark Patch,” Diana advises and guides to the best possible script, and also produces readings in NYC starring well-known professional actors.

TV Pilot writer-for-hire job

Dreamers and entrepreneurs who wish to bring a story to the world: You’re home! “Geography Club” is the story of teens who don’t fit into their conservative Midwestern high school.  Already a movie, it became the dream of a determined producer who hired Diana to write the original TV pilot–the first step toward making this dream a reality.

Applause Books Submission Criteria

Attention writers and actors! Applause Books, one of America’s biggest play publishers, wants to publish a volume of scenes and monologues for the older actor.  I’ve been hired to find and compile a collections of monologues and scenes for “Later Chapters: The Best Scenes and Monologues for Actors over  50.” Have you written a monologue or […]

32 Indispensable Screenwriting Tips

1) Follow accepted industry story structure.  If you don’t know it, write and I’ll send you my Structure Chart. 2) Write about somebody who needs something desperately.  What is needed is deep not trivial.  He needs to survive. She needs self-esteem.  He needs family.  She needs health. 3) When you know what your protagonist needs then you show […]

“The Dodgers” hailed by critics in LA

“Richly evocative” — LA Times “Full of twists and turns so engrossing it’s a bit difficult to let go of the world once you’ve been in it.”  Young Hollywood Issue, Bello Magazine “Don’t miss this small wonder!” — LA Splash Online “Sure to be one of 2016’s hottest tickets!” — Stage Scene LA “Exquisitely captured.” […]

Michele Wilson Jones launches career as movie producer!

Luck, pluck, determination, and a great screenplay.  These are the factors that led to the amazing out-of-the-gate success of Diana’s client Michele Wilson Jones. Michele had a great story that she brought to Diana to write.  The result is the screenplay Three-Minute Man. A Kentucky prosecutor is given full-time charge of her handicapped brother.  He […]

Our first movie project signs with producer!

Through our new production company Brass Ring Pictures, Diana and partner Michele Wilson Jones sign a Movie Producing contract with an outstanding lead producer to make “Three-Minute Man,” packaging in director, financing, and deep connections to Hollywood stars and their management.

“The Dodgers” world premiere in LA with stellar cast

Emmy and Olivier winners include top row Emma Hunton (“Next to Normal”); Jared Gertner (“Book of Mormon”); Talisa Friedman (winner of Harvard’s Jonathan Levy Prize for Most Promising Actor); bottom row Corbin Bleu (“High School Musical,” “Godspell,” “In the Heights”); Asher Grodman (“The Train”); and Eric Nelsen (“A Walk Among the Tombstones”); The Dodgers website    Like The […]


Ben Edwards, CEO of Spyglass Books LLC, hires Diana to write an original screenplay that tells the story of a high school girl in Naugatuck,  Connecticut who, with the help of a magical spyglass, combats bullies at her school and saves the life of a boy at risk.