13 Laws & 5 Principles

13 Laws of Copywriting

1.    Be positive
2.    Be short
3.    Keep it simple
4.    Be consistent
5.    Use strong active language
6.    Make everything apparent
7.    Do not repeat
8.    Do not oversell
9.    Write in the present active now—present tense, no future tense
10.  Talk you, not me or we
11.  Get emotional
12.  Stay honest
13.  Do not use lists

5 Principles of Branding

Tell what you do.

Tell us what your company does, simply and clearly, like you’d tell a friend at a party. Write it down.

Know why you exist.

What need do you meet? How do you improve life? Write it down.

Name your company well.

Does your name convey what you do? No matter how much you may like your name, don’t be attached. The right name is out there.

List your Brand DNA.

Companies have character (like people). For example: glamorous, innovative, bold, honest, chatty. Write the 5 attributes that best characterize your company.

Be consistent; be repetitive.

Tell what you do—everywhere.  Tell why you exist—everywhere.  Use your Brand DNA in everything you write—all the time.