Branding & Copywriting Bio

Diana founded the ad agency WordWorks in the Berkshires with partner Peter Lips; the agency captured Berkshire arts accounts including Jacobs Pillow and the Berkshire Theater Festival.

When Diana moved to New York, she landed copywriting jobs for Steve Burnett Inc., Grey Advertising, Business Week, Parham Santana Design, Discovery Channel, and many more.  She founded her company The Writers Unit.  Clients include The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, Donna Karan, American Greetings, the Food Network, Deloitte, The Princeton Review, American Express, and many companies large and small.

Diana emerged as a creative thinker and branding guru for Kaplan (the “Stanley” campaign) American Girl (“Follow Your Inner Star”), PBS Kids (“A Little Wonder Goes a Long Way”) Mentos Gum (“Fun in a Crunch”) and many others for whom she originated names, taglines, messaging and brand DNA.

I would like to thank:

  • Peter Lips for being my first graphic designer and partner
  • Steve Burnett for giving me my first job in New York City
  • John Parham and Maruchi Santana for being Parham Santana
  • Laura Hinthorn for being an all-around wonderful and fair client
  • Maryann Mitkowski, Rick Tesoro, Rick Whelan and Francesca Pardo for being gifted and professional
  • Christine Seuss for designing this awesome site
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