Men I Have Loved and Other Fiction

Men become mythology in the mind of a single writer and that mythology turns into stories. And so I was reminded a few days ago when I had an 8 a.m. meeting in Manhattan and, rather than struggling with slush and erratic Q train service, decided to stay overnight at the Edison Hotel on 47th […]

Finding a Dive Bar
in a City that Never Weeps

Manhattan is the richest of the boroughs but is no longer the most interesting. You can walk Manhattan a whole day and see only people who have everything—not the stuff of story. This isn’t an insult. I’m pretty sure that successful, beautiful, affluent people revel in their status and want the world to reflect their […]

TV Pilot Writing
and Dive Bar Hunting

Back and forth, their lawyer, my agent, their lawyer, my agent, for weeks and then a month and then two. Finally, my agent tells me I need to walk away from the deal, it isn’t fair, and I call the producers and say, “We need to meet.” There are three and they’re all named Joe. […]

Notes from The Structuralist: How Structure Helps Your Work

If you were building a house, would you put up the brilliant blue shutters before you laid the foundation?  Such a house would not stand.  Similarly, when you pour your voice – however brilliant – upon the page unframed, you create something that cannot hold together. When playwrights first work with me, they are often opposed to […]

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