Phone It In: Carnival ‘Round the Central Figure (Video Review)

After reviewing several depressing productions lately, we’re pleased to see that AndrewAndrew’s latest insta-review is of a comedy. Albeit a pretty dark one. Carnival ‘Round the Central Figure at IRT Theater centers on a dying man’s struggles to make sense of all of the ineffectual, and sometimes untrue, sayings and beliefs people offer as comfort […]

Symmetry Theatre’s Carnival Round the Central Figure Shows Us the (not so) Sunny Side of Death

Structurally very compelling, Carnival Round the Central Figure by playwright Diana Amsterdam whisks the audience away on a carousel ride, round and round, always round the Central Figure, of course. In the manner in which, at turns, it exhilarates and invites trepidation and dizziness, it is much like an actual carnival ride, except this ride […]

BWW Reviews: Mildred’s Umbrella Theater Company’s CARNIVAL ROUND THE CENTRAL FIGURE is Bold and Innovative

Mildred’s Umbrella Theater Company is currently producing Diana Amsterdam’s new, darkly comic drama CARNIVAL ROUND THE CENTRAL FIGURE. As part of their mission, Mildred’s Umbrella puts on “bold, innovative and fresh theatrical works,” and CARNIVAL ROUND THE CENTRAL FIGURE perfectly upholds this banner. The work is a cacophony of noise and events told in a […]

Carnival ‘Round the Central Figure: A Dying Man and a Cynical Televangelist

  Playwright Diana Amsterdam creates vivid characters, the preacher for one, and Maryanne, the hospital psychologist, is another. We first meet her lecturing on survival, and holding out the remote chance that death is not inevitable. She is portrayed by Courtney Lomelo – I relished her take on Maryanne – a bit insane but wonderfully […]

Death Be Not Predictable – New York Times Review

“How do you think he looks? Better?” the dying man’s wife asks a visitor to his hospital room. The hopefulness in her voice is unmistakable. But the gaunt 38-year-old patient is clearly not long for this world. Still, his wife babbles on about his future, using words as a wall to hold back her despair […]