Kill Your Darlings

I’m in love with a scene I wrote in my new screenplay.   Picture this.   A short shipwreck of an old bridge, in the middle of nowhere or actually, Queens.  It’s the Francis Buono Bridge and on the other side is Attica.    On the bridge, there’s a Jag hybrid in which sit four gorgeous girls.  The driver is […]

Writers: How Is Your Script Like a Battering Ram?

I belong to a LinkedIn group called The Writers’ Block. Recent comment: “Getting scripts into the hands of major producers is very difficult, if there is no name attached to it. It really doesn’t matter how good the script is.” Doesn’t matter how good the script is? Really? This is like saying that when you […]

Write By This!
Desire Makes the Story

Every single person you meet today wants something. This may seem like an obvious truth, a statement that barely needs to be said.  But this statement is the absolute and essential basis of every great story that has ever been told. Desire can be trivial.  The guy across from you on the subway wants to […]

Duh Rocko, That Ain’t How It Works

I may just be in a bad mood today, probably because of problems I’ve been having with my email (Verizon sucks!), and I really don’t want to take out my gritting-teeth energy on y’all, but may I vent?  I give the impression, probably, of being a kind generous soul, motherly or grandmotherly even (in a […]