Plays by Diana Amsterdam

Jeremy Allen White star of Showtime’s Shameless in LA Reading of The Dodgers

Jeremy Allen White star of Showtime’s Shameless in LA Reading of The Dodgers

The Dodgers

Genre: Drama

A group of aspiring rock stars during the height of the Vietnam War wait anxiously to see what their draft number will be. When their numbers come up dangerously low, they take extreme measures to dodge the draft with the help of friends, lovers and drugs.


Shane LeCocq as the Preacher regales the audience with the passion of hellfire fervor as the Choir—Rebecca Schoffer, Janna Emig, Brandon Kyle Goodman, Carla Briscoe and David Michael Kirby—stunningly ignore the Central Figure played by Ted Caine.

Carnival Round the Central Figure

Genre: Drama/ Spectacle

A wild ride through theatrical terrain that sears the senses and impacts the audience at a visceral place, which also manages to be hilariously funny  and heartbreakingly real in the five core scenes of a young woman’s visit to the death bed of her friend.

Stay tuned for what happens next with this amazing play.  If you think of it fondly or often; or find it has changed your way of dealing with death and dying, contact Diana or Kori Rushton at IRT Theater– 212 206 6875

Iken’s Perversion

Genre: Drama

A celebrated white painter is amorous only with his art, when an unstoppable black poet shatters his defenses.

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Fast Girls

Genre: Comedy

It’s the mid-80s, and two single girls are neighbors in a chic Manhattan building. The wild one loves men, freedom, and sex; the neurotic one wants to be married.

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Genre: Drama

A married couple finds their love threatened when they have a child. The husband continues to chase his artistic dreams while the wife wants to put food on the table.

One Acts

Sex and Death the anthology contains the one-acts One Naked Woman and a Fully-Clothed Man; Lingerie; Milk; The End of I.

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Letting Billy

10-minute play

A mother of two tries to end an affair with a boy half her age but finds his appeals irresistible.

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The Girl’s Last Big Mistake

10-minute play

A young couple tests their relationship through a humiliating exchange on the internet.

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Day Five of Keeping Daddy in the Basement

10-minute play

A woman holds her aging father captive as she forces him to confess that she was abused as a child.

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