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    Story Consulting

    Price depends on scope of work, to be agreed upon by Diana and client. When you're dreaming of a story and have the pieces, the scenes, the characters floating around in your mind, there comes a time to structure the story, make primary writing decisions, select a cast of characters, a time-frame, a place, and the major events that will shape your story on the page.  The same basic elements apply whether your story will evolve into a screenplay, play, novel, or even memoir.  I guide you to make your story real, to find its strongest spine, its most compelling characters, the conflicts that will enliven the story, and to recognize not only why this story is haunting you, but also why it will matter to a larger audience.

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    Read & Report


    My reading fee pays for more than just a “read.”  I read your work through the lens of long experience as a story consultant.  Is it well-structured? Is there something at stake? Do the characters grab me? Do I care? If you're interested in converting your work to another form (say, a novel to a screenplay), I need to read the work before I can give you an informed opinion, or a fee for writing or helping you write the new version of your story.  Think of an architect.  You want her to remake your house.  Surely she can't draw up blueprints until she has seen the house as it now stands! So it is with my reading fee. Note: I read under 30 pages free.  Over 150 pages may require an additional payment.

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    Project Writing

    Price depends on scope of work, to be agreed upon by Diana and client.

    Want a screenplay or TV pilot, original memoir or novel? I work in steps from explanation to outline to first draft and polished draft to ensure you're satisfied.  Call or write and I’ll explain my process, free of charge—and do get a quote from me before you make a decision.    I write for producers and production companies–and for people with great ideas and big dreams!

  • Read & Notes

    Read & Notes


    This is my most popular service

    ….because you get so much. I read your work and provide a keeper set of notes with large and small suggestions.  Your work improves. Your general knowledge of writing grows.

    You also get

    …a one-hour call to go over my notes.  You have questions. I provide the answers clearly.  On this call, we work together in your script or manuscript to point up the places you can improve, specifically!

  • Script Consulting

    Script & Book Consulting


    Price depends on scope of work, to be agreed upon by Diana and client. First, I read your materials: script, manuscript, treatment or outline.  Then, I advise you on how to structure your story, create dimensional characters, instill true conflict and suspense, establish tone and voice, and the best way to bring your story to market (TV or film? book? treatment?).  This service advises you to do the writing although I will write discrete parts of your product such as the core story for a treatment, or the opening scene of a screenplay, which then belong to you. Indeed, the copyright in your material stays with you, however much actual writing I may contribute.  This service is provided to individuals and to production companies, producers, agents and managers.

  • Treatment writing

    Your Treatment or Mini-Bible

    Price depends on scope of work, to be agreed upon by Diana and client.

    Treatments are a necessary step in marketing and selling your idea or project.  The great treatment is a document that opens doors, explains the concept, tells the story, shows it visually, and envisions how your concept can work in its chosen medium.  The great treatment raises funds and finds producers.  Are you selling into a specific medium such as reality (unscripted) TV?  If so, there’s a way to craft that treatment.  Or is your property trans-media i.e. can work across platforms, and roll out into various media?  If so, we create a treatment that is flexible and open.  Note: There is no One Right Way to compose a treatment.  Treatments vary, and the best ones are tailored to the market and audience.  My price for treatment writing, which may or may not include advice on going out to the industry, varies from project to project and is determined through consultation.

  • Commission Diana


    Price depends on scope of work, to be agreed upon by Diana and client.

    My pen is ready! With past commissions from the BBC that led to four award-winning radio plays as well as commissions from movie and TV producers at Working Title and A&E, and from Manhattan Class Company and Shake-a-Leg,  I reliably  bring your idea or concept to life as a script or manuscript.

  • Career Counseling

    Career Counseling


    Do you want your work published or produced? Of course you do! Get the real scoop on how to make your writing into a writing career, with insider advice on everything from query letters to Facebook, getting an agent to producing a reading, personally tailored to your realities right now. My price includes one in-person meeting and three calls.

  • Writing coach

    Writing Coach

    Price depends on scope of work, to be agreed upon by Diana and client.

    Whether you have a script or manuscript today, or are looking at that blank page, I can coach you through the writing of your play, screenplay, novel or memoir.   Do it!  Please know that I am a tough, honest coach; I'm not interested in working with people who have no discipline or do not want to learn.  I demand five good pages a week, and that means, for a full-length screenplay, we will be working together for at least five months.  My fee is often paid as a retainer but this is negotiable.  At the end of the process, when you have that beautiful script or manuscript in hand, I can and will guide you in shopping it.

  • Diana by the Hour

    Hello with Value Phone Call


    If you want me for a phone call, I do want to make myself available. Because of the high quantity of requests, it is not possible for me to talk with with you free of charge. Here is the way to connect with me for a half-hour preliminary review of your objectives and my valuable input.