The Brand Package


The Brand Package consists of four crucial components for your company identity:

1. Your Brand DNA.  Like a person, a company has characteristics.  We identify the five most important attributes of your business by name–with words such as honest, experienced, caring–and use this DNA as the basis for all your branding and business-related writing.

2.  Your Name.  The name of your company is all-important, and often can benefit from a review or complete re-do.  Your name reflects your Brand DNA and is easy to say, easy to spell, and relateable.

3.  Your tagline.  This is a the line that connects with your customers with a short, punchy delivery that is memorable, rhythmic, and viscerally appealing.  Unlike a descriptive line, the tagline is not factual; it is emotional.   Your tagline works with your logo in most cases, although it can also stand alone.

Diana has written taglines for some of our best-loved companies including American Girl (Follow Your Inner Star) and Mentos (Meet Your Mouth).

4. Your Foundational Paragraph.  Two or three short succinct paragraphs tell what you do, why your company or product exists, and how it benefits the customer.  This basic language goes at the top of your home page, marketing letters and presentations.

The Brand Package is a great deal for acquiring essential elements that every business needs.  With these elements in your possession, you are clearly putting forth a consistent message that makes you a brand.


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