Treatment Writing

Price depends on scope of work, to be agreed upon by Diana and client.

Treatments are a necessary step in marketing and selling your idea or project.  The great treatment is a short document (no more than 10 pages) that opens doors, explains the concept, tells the story, shows it visually, and envisions how your concept can work in its chosen medium.  The great treatment raises funds and finds producers.  Are you selling into a specific medium such as reality (unscripted) TV?  If so, there’s a way to craft that treatment.  Or is your property transmedia i.e. can work across platforms, and roll out into various media?  If so, we create a treatment that is flexible and open.  Note ahead of time: There is no One Right Way to compose a treatment.  Treatments vary, and the best ones are tailored to the market and audience.  My price for treatment writing, which may or may not include advice on “going out” to the industry, varies from project to project and is determined through consultation.




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