Author Allison Leotta

“Diana is my writing fairy godmother.”
– Allison Leotta
Author of novel Law of Attraction
Pub. Simon & Schuster for $75,000 advance

“Got SO MUCH out of class….it has not only improved my writing but my acting as well.”
– Paul Krasner

“This was an awesome endeavor. You’re PRICELESS.”
– Marishka Phillips

J. Anthony Roman, Playwright

“Your class has been a good smack over the head and provided wonderful, direct instruction. Thanks.”
– Greg Truman

“You can stare at an engine for ever and never know how it works until someone comes along and explains the parts. What Diana did was take apart the engine and show you what makes it work.”
– J. Anthony Roman, Playwright

Lacey Schwartz, Documentary-Maker & Memoir Author

“Diana helped me understand how stories are structured in a way that I never had before and I find is helpful when thinking about any kind of narrative structure including documentary films. Learning that structure has allowed me to have the ability to create a well written film which can keep audiences engaged and entertained.”
– Lacey Schwartz
Documentary-Maker & Memoir Author Outside the Box