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“The Carpentry of Writing” is one of the fastest and clearest paths to improve your story telling, whether you are a playwright, novelist, or memoir writer. Diana is an excellent teacher, who systematically helps her students understand structure – its use and importance. This has improved my writing as well as my ability to analyze why a play or musical I am watching is not working.”

— John O’Boyle, Producer
“La Cage Aux Folles”
2010 Tony Award Winner

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Pow! I’ve got a myth to bust.  That myth goes like this.  When you apply structure to your writing, you hinder your creativity, get conventional, and go commercial.  Just the opposite is true.  Structure releases creativity.  Structure brings you the freedom to be unconventional; to write originally and to write confidently.

If time is money, structure is pure gold.   When you put in the good bones first–getting the shape of your story, finding the decision points and the outline of events–you save untold hours and infinite beads of sweat and frustration.

I am the go-to teacher for every writer who needs essential tools for writing with craft.   I know what I’m doing and when I impart my knowledge, you will, too.  So come with me on the next adventure for your writing, the one where you find success, make money, and accomplish your goals.